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Renee Leeming, founder of Flourish Mama, is all about helping down-to-earth Mama’s feel strong, confident and connected through kind movement and exercise.

Flourish Mama believes all bodies are good bodies, that movement can be fun and that through kindness for ourselves we can flourish in ways we never thought possible.


My Job:

Renee was craving a rebrand that visually signified the shift in how her business was evolving. Entrepreneurs (and #mumpreneurs) in the beginnings of their journeys are often going through natural shifts in their approach to business as we learn what works for us along the way. Believe me I get it!

With a strong philosophy of kindness through movement, self-compassion and community, it was important to symbolise boldness yet femineity in her brand.

We worked together to create a mood board that symbolised her vibe, looking at trends and similar brands yet looking at how we could also capture her unique vibe.

I crafted some simple bold letters with some beautiful intricate wild flowers inside for her logo with an on-trend mix of bold and hand-scripted text.

Since creating a consistent brand with strong foundations, we’ve elevated what was already a beautiful brand with a sweet colour palette to give it a strong and cohesive flair. Renee understands the importance of brand consistency and was able to use all of the elements to style her website, social media, marketing assets and kickass apparel which kindly donates to women in need.




Cove Childrens Centres are safe and nurturing environments, that are an extension of home.

Believing learning can happen anywhere and anytime, their environments are designed to support opportunities to learn through play - all day, every day.

With modern furnishings, equipment and resources that are well maintained, safe and clean, they also stimulate play-based experiences ready for children to discover and learn.


My job:

It was important to make sure this brand was clean and concise, making sure there were no cliché icons like hand prints or child figures in the logo. With two different centres with two slightly different names, the business wanted to make it consistent and merge the two brands.


The colour palette included a vibrant orange to communicate the brand’s modern and dynamic approach to early education. To communicate a childcare that truly believes in authentic child centred learning, I used simple shapes and a variety of colours for a clean and fun yet sophisticated layout.



Sharyn Cleaver is a celebrant with decades of experience. She is a well-known Wollongong local, who’s built a strong network of valued clients over the years. She specialises in creating memorable ceremonies for weddings, funerals and other special occasions, and brings a sense of calm, community and connection to every one of these special occasions.

My job:

Sharyn Cleaver has been working as a celebrant for a good number of years. As she reviewed her business she realised her brand had been going slightly unnoticed and not effectively communicating what she stands for. Sharyn had been looking to rebrand for some time but wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted or needed to elevate her brand.

Looking at the elements she quite liked from her previous logo and discovering who she wants her brand to connect with we created something beautifully simple and elegant with strong contrast for use across all medias.

With Sharyn’s wealth of experience and expertise in making sure big events aren’t burdened with stress and confusion it was important to create a brand which embodied both professionalism and softness. With wildflower silhouettes and a rustic wreath shape to compliment the neat and sophisticated text we can express the personable, calm and considerate nature of her brand through the shapes and symbolism.

We chatted about colours she liked mixed with a little bit of colour theory (not a boring amount don’t worry!) and came up with a colour palette that would work across her website, information documents, emails, business card and a car sticker.



Karen, founder of Wild Eve, offers a myriad of services and products including yoga practice, beauty therapy and creating her own natural skincare line. She is local to Kiama and brings her services to her clients. She is passionate about what she does and was ready to brand her business and go ‘all in’.


My job:

Karen is a bubbly, creative and driven human who had wanted to brand her services for some time but wasn’t sure how her very unique line business would be perceived. She has a very unique and beautiful story behind the name and had a clear idea of what she wanted.

Karen had drawn her own drafts and had a clear idea of her colour palette.  Working within Karen’s brief I was able to create some drafts with text options. And using the ‘look’ Karen had described shaped a beautiful Celtic design with a painted and bronzed effect to create an Olde style feel. The Logo is so beautifully intricate the rest of her branding is kept simple and clean using natural colours and  sophistication.

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